Xiaomi redmi note 5a reviews, pros and cons



This one is the only chú ý in the fifth Redngươi generation but it"s not the lưu ý 5 that had everyone drooling. In fact, what should"ve been the Note 5 is now known as the 5 Plus, which we recently reviewed. The Redngươi 5 proper also got its mô tả of our homepage. It"s now the Redmày lưu ý 5A"s turn, an entry-level phablet with a high-res selfie camera but no tall aspect screen for a change. Cheaper, simpler, ordinary - just lượt thích a good hvà tool.

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The naming scheme is quite hard to lớn make sense of, especially when a phone is called differently in different markets. This Xiaomày handphối is a Redmày Y1 in India, a Redmi cảnh báo 5A in most international markets, và Redmi Note 5A Prime in China. You are welcome.


So, what we have sầu here is the only Note in Xiaomi"s fifth Redngươi generation. The Note 5A is an entry-cấp độ phablet but it"s exactly lượt thích Xiaomày likes to lớn paông chồng them - with the usual high bang for the buchồng ratio.

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The Xiaongươi Redngươi chú ý 5A is a modern looking phone even though it"s all made of plastic. It has a reasonably big 5.5" 720p display, which qualifies it as a chú ý in Xiaomi"s books. The Snaprồng 435 is a budget LTE-enabled chipset. While the 5A"s 13MPhường main camera is nothing lớn write home page about, the high-res 16MP selfie camera is a first on a non-flagship Xiaomi.

Xiaongươi Redngươi chú ý 5A specs:

Body: Plastic toàn thân, 2.5 chiều glass front Screen: 5.5" IPS LCD, 720p (267ppi); Gorilla Glass 3 Chipset: Snapdragon 435, 8x Cortex-A53
30fps Selfie cam: 16MPhường, 1080p Clip OS: Android 7.1.2 Nougat, MIUI 9 on top Battery: 3080mAh (non-removable) Connectivity: Regular dual Nano-SIM slot; LTE Cat4 150/50 Mbps support; Wi-Fi g/b/n; Công nghệ Bluetooth 4.2; GPS with GLONASS; FM radio; 3.5mm audio jack; microUSB port Misc: Fingerprint reader (rear-mounted)

It seems Xiaomày has struck a good balance for a budget smartphone and the Redmi cảnh báo 5A will be a tough competitor to beat, as usual. While it may not be the best of names, Xiaongươi is keen khổng lồ Cosplay for it with a reasonable all-round package. Let"s see.

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Xiaomày Redmày lưu ý 5A unboxing

The contents of the Redmày cảnh báo 5A retail box are as basic as they get: a microUSB cable and a 10W charger. There is no miễn phí case lượt thích there was with the Redmi 5 Plus and Redngươi 5.

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