Yadah Auto Lip Crayon Review


Yadah is a Korean beauty brand that I’ve never heard before until receiving the Yadah tự động Lip Crayon in 07 Rose Beige in a Beauteque BB Bag last year.

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I’ve been lớn Korea a few times & I purchase a lot of Korean beauty so this brand must not be famous even in Korea. Beauteque states that the price is $6.99 for 2.5g of hàng hóa but I’m not too sure where this could be found other than online – & mainly in Southeast Asia.

At first I didn’t really want to đánh giá this item because it will be hard lớn find but I realised it’s been in my handbag quite a lot over the last few months và it deserved a mention! Rose Beige is badly named in my opinion – the colour is more rose coral. I think it really is a very pretty shade – it’s summery and girly at the same time. It’s not too coral and not too pink, a great in-between. It’s a shade that’s really easy lớn wear daily.

The packaging is very simple – a twist up fat crayon with a transparent cap with the a bar of corresponding colour at the bottom of the crayon. I don’t usually lượt thích fat lip crayons with transparent caps because they often crack or fall off when I stick them in my handbag, especially the NYX pencils, but this has proved to be rather sturdy.


The coverage is very decent – about medium with one swipe, and is buildable.

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Personally I like a blended lip look so I just apply one thin layer & rub my lips together khổng lồ spread it around. This felt quite creamy in texture, but very thin in consistency, and it is not sticky at all. It’s really comfortable to wear & very lightweight.

I would say that this had a semi-matte finish – there’s no shine on it but it doesn’t look very matte. It doesn’t last very long for me – a maximum of 2 hours without eating or drinking, but I really don’t mind reapplying because it’s really comfortable lớn wear & easy to apply. Unlike the liquid lipsticks I’ve been testing lately, this is really a no-brainer in terms of application; it doesn’t look patchy at all. It has a little sweet scent but it’s not too obvious.

As I said earlier, I’ve been reaching for this quite often over the last few months, especially as the weather started to turn warmer. It’s a very comfortable shade lớn wear, & it’s such an easy and casual shade. I like the crayon format – it’s so easy to reapply on the go và I barely need a mirror to apply it because all I bởi vì is swipe one layer on và rub my lips together. I wish that this was easier to find & if you can get them, I would recommend it!