Zalman Rolls Out Cnps10X Optima Ii Cpu Cooler

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There's currently a khuyễn mãi giảm giá on the CNPS10X Optima at NCIX, 10$ after MIR. I'm looking khổng lồ buy this to lớn replace my 3570k stock cooler. I have a few question & it's always COMPARED to lớn the stock hãng sản xuất intel cooler-what about noise? Is it gonna be louder than hãng sản xuất intel stock fan-what about cooling? how does it compare lớn stock cooling?-installation? how come this heavy thing will not break my motherboard or bend?

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Zalman CNPS10X Optima is an excellent quiet cooling. Chạy thử results show that it is not directed at users who are looking for extreme giaithuongtinhnguyen.vns & thundering performance. Conversely, the cooler is not marketed like that and therefore it would be foolish khổng lồ expect. What this cooler makes so excellent it is khổng lồ combine performance và low noise, and the drawers in any way. It is certainly commendable, if it's a combination you are looking for.Innovation / giải pháp công nghệ - 3As mentioned before in this test, then there is not really anything new to find under the sun, which is the average score also illustrates. However, using Zalman care of HDT and PWM-controlled fan, and these are the two things that pulls up.Bundle / Accessories - 3There is everything you need to install the cooler on a very extensive range of platforms và also included đoạn clip to mount an extra fan. However, what pulls down the bag of thermal paste that comes with it. It is beyond me why Zalman chose to bởi it this way, as there are plenty of thermal paste, but no way khổng lồ save it. Spills! Give us a tube instead.Design / Layout - 5As mentioned earlier, this is a thiết kế you've seen many times before, but Zalman has simply honed and perfected the recipe, so it becomes cooler awarded full marks.Performance - 4With the target audience in mind doing this cooler really well, both in terms of noise and cooling performance. However, there are larger heatsinks where you could mount a similar low noise fan hâm mộ and get better performance, therefore it does not get top score.Price - 5For the very modest price of 190, - EUR, you get immeasurably cooler for money and therefore I assign cooler full marks in this category.
Test Zalman CNPS 10X Optima Cheap but effective! CNPS10X Optima Heatsink đánh giá
frostytech"With its 120mm PWM fan rotating at the full 1700RPM, the Zalman CNPS10X Optima heatsink produces a moderate 49.9 dBA noise. If we reduce fan hâm mộ speed khổng lồ 1000RPM, heatsink noise levels fall khổng lồ whisper quiet 38.3 dBA."frostytech nhận xét are not the best. But as you can see not many sites took the time to review this cooler.stock 3570k,3204-13.html